BUILD UPDATE 06-03-2018

Crane Court: External Cladding Now Complete

Progress continues on the development, with the building now watertight

The scaffolding surrounding Crane Court will start to be dismantled this month, as the final windows are fitted following the start of installation in February’s update.

All of the external cladding has been completed, except for one gable which is required for construction access.

The inner skin of the external stone walling has been fully installed to the lower floors, which will allow internal work to progress, and is 40% complete up to the soffit of the upper masonry support.

With roof construction to both levels 99% complete and the lift overrun finished, the building is now watertight. Protection to level 10 has also been completed, following the installation of the cladding to the lower roof gable, whilst metal partitioning for the building is some 97% finished.

Plasterboard has been completed to the lower four floors, with second fix mechanical and electrical works and joinery beginning on these floors, whilst the plasterboard and first fix mechanical and electrical work has simultaneously commenced on the upper floors.

With regards to first fix mechanical and electrical works, vertical and horizontal distribution is now well advanced, whilst the mains services ducts and services have been completed.